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Uganda Lava Cherry - natural, Cup Score 85,5


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Variety: SL14, SL28, Catimor

natural, 1700m

Cup Score: 85,5

Taste profile: full body, dark chocolate, grape, cherry, plum cake, brown sugar

Speckled across the slopes of Mount Elgon lie hundreds of smallholder coffee producers. 

Lead Farmers, like Alex, connect the local producers in remote villages to the exporter, Great Lakes Coffee. Alex receives the harvested cherries at his collection stations, where they undergo a quality assessment before farmers receive their payment. The coffee is then transported to GLC’s Sironko processing station.

Lead farmers like Alex aren’t only a vehicle for economic development in remote villages, but are woven deeply into the fabric of the community. Walking through Sulu with Alex felt like being out with a celebrity – every villager we met stopped to talk to him and meet his foreign visitors. He took us through the history of his coffee business, starting at his very first office, barely more than a whole in the wall, all the way through to the impressive collection station he uses today. In connecting Sulu’s farmers to GLC, Alex has helped coffee farming flourish in the area.

They are all small holders, striving to reach a broader market for their coffee. And they found it through Great Lakes Coffee.

Preparation recommandation:  

Espresso (porta filter)

Moka Pot

Automatic Espresso Machine

Pungent Filter

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