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Colombia Nestor Lasso - Semi-Washed Anaerobic, Cup Score 89


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Semi-Washed Anaerobic, 1850 m
Varietal: Red Bourbon, Tabi
Cup Score: 89

Cup Profile: Lemongrass, rose water, mint chocolate, bubble gum, very complex.

This exceptional coffee was produced on the El Diviso farm by Nestor Lasso, only 24 years old and a third generation coffee farmer. The family's farm covers 18 hectares of land where a wide range of coffee varieties are grown - about 80,000 coffee trees grow here at an altitude of between 1700 and 1850 meters.

Only the ripest cherries are double anaerobically fermented for this coffee and then processed for 18 hours in a water tank at 45 degrees. They are then dried in foil tunnels, packed in bags and stored in a darkened environment until the drying process is completed after 60 hours at around 11% residual moisture.

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