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Guatemala Geisha El Silencio - washed


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Variety: Geisha
washed, 1600-1800 m

Cup profile: clear sweet cup, floral, jasmine, citrus notes.

This Geisha is produced by the Herrarte family, who has been growing coffee since 1892 on their farm El Silencio, located on the Tecuamburro volcano. All cherries are picked by hand and sorted. They are then de-pulped, fermented in tanks and then washed and dried on patios. Each of these steps of growing and processing strives to maintain the highest quality coffee. We met Isabel Herrarte and her coffees at the World of Coffee in Milan in the summer of 2022 and were immediately smitten with her washed Geisha, which we particularly like for its distinctively clear and distinctive cup profile.

Recommended for: Filter, Pour Over, French Press, Aero Press.

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