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Colombia Red Plum Finca El Paraiso - thermal shock, Cup Score 88,5


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Variety: Castillo, Geisha
washed, thermal shock 1700 m
Cup Score: 88.5

Cup profile: aromas of tropical fruit, strawberry, gummy bear, peach and cherry sugar. The red plum probably does not need to be mentioned ;)

Diego Bermudez is well known for his experimentation in the preparation of coffees. On his farm El Paraiso, he subjects this exceptional coffee to a special procedure. The cherries are first anaerobically fermented for 48h at 18°C in tanks, then hulled and aerobically fermented for another 48h at 21°C. The beans are then washed with water at 40°C and then at 12°C (thermal shock). Drying takes place in a controlled environment at 35°C.

Wonderful as a filter, intensely fruity as an espresso.

Preparation recommendation:
Aeropress (inverted)
French Press
Espresso (portafilter)

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